Forest Carbon & Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity has been increasingly recognized as a highly valuable ecosystem service which is under significant threat across the globe. Biodiversity is a broad concept generally defined as the quantity and variability of living organisms within species, between species and between ecosystems. The maintenance of biodiversity is critically important for the maintenance of many ecosystem services we know about and can measure (i.e. pollination, pest control, etc.), but more importantly those services we enjoy the benefit of, but do not yet fully understand (i.e. pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Most biodiversity and ecosystem benefits are public goods that have no price. One approach to addressing this problem is adopt policies that reward preservation of the flow of these public goods through “compliance markets” which attach tradable values to the supply or use of these services. A private market for biodiversity and conservation has existed for decades in the form of conservation organizations, government land acquisitions, and private or corporate investment for conservation purposes. Increasingly, conservation efforts have become more innovative, with industry and government becoming partners in investment and management. Some jurisdiction-specific regulatory markets related to specific elements of biodiversity exist globally in the form of (for example) wetland mitigation banking, endangered species banking, riparian conservation easements.



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Ecosystem Services: Biodiversity and Conservation

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