Forest Carbon & Ecosystem Services

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One of the key services forest ecosystems provide is the production products, such as timber, food, and valuable plants. The majority of timberland is managed to maximize short term returns by increasing land productivity and focusing on growing the most volume on the shortest time frame. This single product focus can severely erode other ecosystem values, turning robust forests into simplified farms.

The problem with industrial, commodity-focused timber production is that it increasingly locks the landowners into a low-cost commodity production cycle with unstable and cyclical returns at best. Increasingly, global plantations and other massive low cost timber resources are continuing to provide lower cost options to the timber market – it’s a race to the bottom. At the same time, very high quality timber from older, larger logs continues to hold a market premium and become increasingly scarce. The problem is once landowners go down the path of trying to drive revenue solely from timber, it’s virtually impossible to economically justify moving the other direction and growing trees longer to reach the higher value products.

The innovation from 3GreenTree comes from integrating the sale of other ecosystem services back into the equation. Carbon in particular provides an excellent opportunity to drive revenue from the land while shifting toward a long rotation, large log timber management strategy focused on exceptional quality and value-added wood production.

3GreenTree can either develop an management strategy which optimizes returns based on what the markets are doing, or we can build strategies which integrate a clients other objectives.



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Ecosystem Services: Certified Timber and Forest Products

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