Corporations & Governments:


We work with: large emitters with emerging carbon emissions and other ecosystem liabilities looking to secure reliable, high quality sources of offset credits and other beneficial environmental investments, within a lower risk investment with upside potential.

We provide: complete concept-to-implementation services for sourcing, developing, and managing assets producing cost effective offsets for carbon emissions, biodiversity and other environmental impacts.

Specifically, we source and design opportunities for hedging investments, where ongoing carbon offset streams (for example) can be acquired and used internally at cost, or sold externally to exploit market opportunities for profit, including:

We can help you: source, develop, and manage a reliable, high quality source of carbon, biodiversity, and other ecosystem assets which can be used to:


Portfolio Approach: 3GreenTree specializes in developing an innovative portfolio approach, where we utilize specialized ecosystem modeling tools and expertise to create diversified land management plans which generate multiple ecosystem benefits and ecosystem products, including carbon, biodiversity, timber, water, and other ecosystem assets.

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