Other ecosystem services values may be available on a specific property basis (depending on the property's jurisdiction, etc..). Some of these other values fall within regulatory programs, while others can potentially be developed on a ‘willing seller, willing buyer’ basis. These values are generally expected to provide supplemental income which can likely be integrated with other primary revenue drivers. They include:

Water: Forests and wetlands play a critical ecosystem role in capturing, managing and mitigating water quality and quantity. Certain properties/projects may be able to monetize these forest services.

Wetland banking: The U.S. has a well established wetland banking program which requires certain developments to offset or replace wetlands damaged during infrastructure or real estate development. Wetland banks can sell the retention, management, or enhancement of wetland areas to developers.

Endangered species banking: Similarly, some species have been made eligible for species banking, where a landowner retains or enhances species to offset the impacts of commercial developments elsewhere. For example, in the southern U.S., piliated woodpecker pairs can be sold to developers who may need to disturb woodpeckers during their development.

Green Real Estate: It is currently common practice for timberland companies to identify and sell of “higher and better use” lands to real estate developers. Usually, these are “one-off” sales where the land is logged heavily, and the remaining ‘bare land’ sold. At the same time, innovative real estate developers continue to demonstrate the potential for higher land values when mature trees, scenic views, and other ecosystem values are retained on the site.

Recreation: Forest land holders in the southern and mid-northern portions of the US have monetized recreational opportunities through the integration of hunting leases and other recreational access products.

All of these additional values are site and jurisdiction specific, and may provide supplemental to significant additional revenue opportunities, and should be thoroughly explored during project assessment and ongoing management.

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Ecosystem Services: Water and Other Saleable Values

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